La Petal

Artistic blossoms


🌻 Description

Crafted with an abundance of long-lasting preserved hydrangeas, cotton bunny tails, and umbrella ferns. This artistic arrangement is perfect for indoor events, weddings, and anniversaries Paired with the palm fronds, this bouquet adds a touch of turquoise elegance among the pure white blooms, creating a sense of tranquility. Transform your surroundings into a peaceful wonderland with the allure of this floral arrangement or present this immaculate heartfelt gift to symbolize new beginnings and eternal serenity.

🍀 Care Guide

Here's how to take care of your beautiful Preserved flowers to keep it looking fresh and vibrant:

➜ Preserved flowers are kept fresh through advanced technology and do not require watering. They are suitable for indoor placement in a cool and shaded area.

➜ Avoid placing preserved flowers in overly damp or dry environments and maintain moderate humidity.

➜ If there is dust, gently remove it with a soft dry brush or use a hairdryer on a low-cool setting to blow it away.

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